“The most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant, even if it were little.” – Prophet Muhammad 

With $35 a month, a little over a dollar a day, 500 supporters could alleviate all the financial needs of Nueces Mosque on an ongoing basis. This includes programming and events, staff salary, utilities, and repairs and maintenance costs. Join us today by signing up below!   

We all know very well the multitude of blessings associated with giving charity to a House of Allah, but we also wanted to recognize our Sustainers in a special way. As a token of our appreciation, our Sustainers will be receiving customized Nueces merchandise for their support!

First 250 Sustainers

The Foundation

Your expeditious vote of confidence is what propels this campaign forward.

Reward: Name on Plaque, Messenger Bag, Mug, Water Bottle

Next 150 Sustainers

The Pillars

Your support takes this project from great aspiration to great realization.

Reward: Messenger Bag, Mug, Water Bottle

Last 100 Sustainers

The Dome

Last but not least, you bring the sweet taste of success as we complete the project.

Reward: Mug and Water Bottle

Beyond 500

The Adornment

We can contemplate initiatives that were otherwise out of grasp. Reward: Water Bottle

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