Imam Search

Imam Search

Nueces Mosque is looking for an Imam/Director of Religious Affairs to lead our diverse community. Located in the heart of Austin, right next to the University of Texas and downtown Austin, Nueces Mosque is a “home away from home” for many students and professionals. Established by the UT MSA in 1977 as the first masjid in Austin, Nueces Mosque continues its youthful roots as one of the only student-run mosques in the country. The Imam Search has been a community driven process. The feedback we’ve received has helped us identify what our community is looking for in an imam. Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback.

With a strong background in Islamic knowledge and jurisprudence, the ideal candidate will use their educational foundation in Islam to guide and mentor the men and women of the Nueces community. The Imam of Nueces Mosque must have a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing Muslims in America and an inclusive attitude towards all potential congregants. In addition to leading Friday prayers and offering religious lectures and services, the Imam is expected to act as a bridge to other faith and civic organizations throughout the Austin area. If you’re interested in joining the Nueces Mosque family, please apply below!


  1. Islamic Foundation: Bachelor’s degree or extensive knowledge of the intellectual tradition of Islam or pursuing post-secondary education in Islamic Studies
  2. Community Experience: Must have prior experience working with students, young professionals and a diverse congregation as an Imam, Chaplain or Religious Scholar
  3. Communications: Must be able to listen patiently to the men and women of our community while sharing guidance in a clear and concise manner to an English-speaking audience
  4. Work Status: Can legally work in the US (US citizen or permanent resident)

Key Responsibilities

  1. Maintain regular and convenient office hours at the Mosque for all community members
  2. Offer Islamic counseling and guidance to students, families, youth and new Muslims
  3. Deliver at least one of the Friday Khutbahs each week and lead prayer for Jumu’ah
  4. Provide lessons in Quran, Hadith, Seerah and Fiqh to increase knowledge and spiritual growth of community members
  5. Provide consultation to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee on religious matters, community issues, and Mosque activities
  6. Lead by example to prevent discrimination on any basis including but not limited to school of thought, Islamic school of jurisprudence (madhab), gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, citizenship, political affiliation, or economic status
  7. Maintain strong links with the other Austin area mosques
  8. Lead and participate in interfaith activities
  9. Support the Austin area High School and University Muslim Student Associations
  10. Supports annual fundraising events for Nueces Mosque operations and programs as needed

Salary and Benefits

Comprehensive salary and benefits package will be determined by candidate’s level of qualification.

Imam/Director of Religious Affairs Application

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Candidate Referral

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