Ramadan 2021


Nueces is open from Fajr to Taraweeh daily for prayers accessible through the front main pedestrian gate. You are welcome to pray inside the building, on the porch, or in the outdoor green carpeted area (BAC). At this time, non-prayer areas including study areas are not available for use. 

REGISTER: tickettailor.com/events/nuecesmosque/


Nueces will be having Taraweeh prayers at limited capacity each day by registration. Everyone is required to register for each day they plan to attend prayer and follow all safety protocols including wearing a face mask, social distancing, and bringing your own prayer mat) while on the premesis. Please note that there is limited capacity inside the main prayer hall and it is on a first come first serve basis. Once the main prayer hall is at capacity, you will be directed to pray in one of the outdoor areas (porch, back courtyard, and green-carpeted area (BAC)). 

Taraweeh will be 20 rakats plus Witr prayer. Taraweeh is led by: Hafidh Junaid Tayyab, Hafidh Almostafa Alhadi, Hafidh Aamir Ahmed Khan, and Hafidh Mubeen Khumawala.

REGISTER: tickettailor.com/events/nuecesmosque/

Parking is available in the main driveway (to the side of the mosque) and there is also free street parking after 6 PM. 


Nueces will be providing free meals for pick up daily during Ramadan. Stop by Nueces between 7-7:45 PM to pick up your meal, water, and dates. If you will be praying Maghrib at Nueces, you can pick up your meal after prayer. At this time, we are not able to accomodate eating iftar on the Nueces property. You’re welcome to eat at UT or the surrounding areas in West Capus. 


In order to provide our community with iftar each night and suhoor during the last ten days, we need your help in sponsoring meals. Each iftar costs $1,350, which will cover food, water, supplies, security, cleaning, and suhoor (during the last 10 nights).

To allow for more of our community to contribute, each night will have 3 slots of $450 that you can sign up for. You are more than welcome to sponsor the full amount or sign up for 1 slot. You are also welcome to donate any amount that you can!

If you would like to sponsor an iftar, fill out: bit.ly/IftarSponsor21


Join the Ramadan Committee if you’re interested in volunteering at Nueces during Ramadan. Volunteers will help with food pick up, set up, property upkeep, prayer check ins, and more. 

Join: bit.ly/Ramadan21Volunteer

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]