Prayer Guidelines

Prayer Guidelines


  1. The Nueces property hours of operation will be from fajr to taraweeh (accessible through the main pedestrian gate and can be accessed through the main porch double doors and side doors).
  2.  Prior registration is required for each congregational prayer each day
  3. The main men’s and women’s bathroom (SAC)/wudu areas will be available for use. Please utilize the cleaning supplies in the bathrooms to sanitize after use
  4. Both sisters and brothers are allowed to enter the mosque from the front pedestrian gate, all other entrances will not be accessibl
  5. All other facilities, besides the wudu areas and prayer hall, on the property are currently closed and not available for use
  6. The mosque will be locked up after taraweeh prayer and will not be accessible for use.
  7. Please follow all safety protocols (wearing a mask, social distancing, bringing your own prayer rug, etc) while on the property. If you do not comply with the safety protocols, you will be asked to leave the premise
  8. Parking is available at the main driveway (to the side of the mosque). There is also free parking on Nueces street after 6pm
  9. Please do not leave your car parked on the property unless you are present at the mosque, your car is subject to being towed if left unattended overnight
  10. To ensure the safety of all, there will be no loitering allowed on the property.

Prayer Guidelines to be Followed at All Times: 

  1. Register online and sign waiver prior to attending Nueces prayers: 
  2. Wear a mask at all times while on the property
  3. Bring your own prayer mat
  4. Keep a safe distance of 6 ft from others
  5. Avoid attendance if you are experiencing any symptoms or are immunocompromised due to any other illness
  6. Avoid attendance if you are below the age of 13 or over the age of 65
  7. Must have a safe body temperature of 98.0-98.9 degrees
  8. No drinking or eating inside the prayer hall
  9. Leave the property immediately after prayer, no loitering outside of prayer times 

These guidelines are in place for the safety and well-being of everyone and we hope you will cooperate with us in ensuring these are being respected and followed. Please read through the guidelines thoroughly when registering.  May Allah (swt) protect you and your loved ones during this time!  More information and updates can be found at:

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