Nueces Leadership



Meet the Nueces Mosque Executive Committee, which is comprised of students that are responsible for the operations, programs, and services at Nueces. Contact us if you’d like to get involved at Nueces!

Lyith Hawwar


Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Year: Junior  [email protected]

Faiza Quadri

Vice President

Major: Neuroscience and MIS
Year: Senior [email protected]

Musab Abdullah

Education Director

Major: Computer Science
Year: Senior [email protected]

Marzooq Shah

Outreach Director

Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Year: Junior [email protected]

Ubah Moallim

Public Relations Director

Majors: Government
Year: Senior [email protected]

Zeemal Shah

Publicity Director

Major: Public Health
Year: Sophomore [email protected]

Hansa Saif

Property Manager

Major: Biology
Year: Junior
[email protected]

Abdullah Alsawfta

Hospitality Director

Major: International Relations and Global Studies
Year: Junior [email protected]

Abdul Samad Oza

Account Manager

Major: Business
Year: Sophomore [email protected]

Mariam Malik

Operational Finance Manager

Major: Undeclared
Year: Sophomore [email protected]


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Board of Directors at [email protected]!

Athar Tayyab

Director of Development and Expansion; Chairperson

Imran Ulla

Director of Communication and External Relations

Rawand Abdelghani

Director of Student Engagement; Secretary

Sam Bakshalian

Director of Community Affairs

Rawand Abdelghani

Director of Student Engagement and Chair

Athar Tayyab

Director of Capital Development 

Sohail Shaikh

Director of Finance & Treasurer

Imran Ulla

Director of Communication and External Relations & Secretary

Khadeja Javed

Director of Alumni Relations